Date 02/26/2009
By Justice Lives Not
Subject I dig the new site

I switched the 'storyboard' link out on my blog with this one (since it already has a link to SB anyway). This really looks good!

Date 02/05/2009
By Terrie Schultz
Subject wonderful!

This looks wonderful! Really professional.

Date 02/05/2009
By Kess
Subject Lovely!

Good job on the website! Love it. :)

Date 02/05/2009
By Travis Loveday
Subject Looks Great.

I think the site looks good.

Date 02/04/2009
By Ben E.
Subject Hey!

Love the new site, Angel! Keep up the GREAT work!

Date 02/04/2009
By caribbeanmuse
Subject Beautiful!

What a beautiful site! Well done Angel.

Date 02/04/2009
By Randy Inman
Subject Your site

Thanks for your website. I was able to find links to some helpful articles.


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