Date 05/10/2020
By KeloreT
Subject Is Penicillin The Same As Amoxicillin KeloreT

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Date 05/06/2016
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Date 12/03/2011
By ♥ Girl20pretty ♥
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Date 11/02/2010
Subject Nice site!

This is a really cool site! I love seeing other people who share my love for writing.

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Date 08/23/2009
By Ariana R. Cherry-Shearer
Subject Nice site :)

Hi Angel :) Thanks for commenting on my work at Edubook. Saw a link to your website and it brought me here. You have some nice stuff .... Great website.... Keep up the good work ;)

Date 02/23/2010
By sunder
Subject Re: Nice site :)


Date 05/05/2009
By ofmanpeace
Subject great articles

you have some great writings here,i really like the one of borate and dragons. O fourse like the nightstalker ones cause I like vampires! Keep up the good work!

Date 04/21/2009
By Claire
Subject Hello

Hello. you wrote a hello to me on a fellow writerswebsite, so I decided to check out your personal website, and glad I did. Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

Date 03/11/2009
By Laurie M. Gagne
Subject Never give up

Loved your letter, Never Give Up. I'm just starting out, even though I am 51 years of age. Your letter has inspired me to not give up! Thanks so much.


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