12/20/2011 17:27

Latest Circle8Writers Anthology Released

The latest Circle8Writers short story anthology, Apocryphilia, is now available through online booksellers.
10/31/2011 19:16

Latest Circle 8 Writers Short Story Anthology Published

We are very proud of the latest Circle 8 Writers anthology, Apocryphilia, which includes stories from our newest authors, Derek Odom, Mary Margaret McCurnin and Andi Caldwell. Supernatural and horror fans are sure to find a story they enjoy in this anthology.
07/12/2011 11:01

Circle 8 Writhers 5th Anthology

Mothers and Other Strangers, the fifth Circle 8 Writers Anthology, is now available on in either print or kindle form.
02/21/2011 14:18

Circle 8 Writers 4th Anthology Available

Angel is pleased to announce that the 4th Circle 8 Writhers anthology, Roses and Thorns, which contains one short story and some flash fiction pieces, is available from
12/14/2010 09:48

Circle 8 Writers 3rd Short Story Anthology

Dark Christmas, the 3rd short story anthology from Circle 8 Writers is availabe at Angel is pleased to have a short story and some flash fiction in this edition.
11/19/2010 13:23

Second Circle 8 Writers Anthology Published

Consequences: Crime and Punishment, the second anthology by the Circle 8 Writers group is now available on in print and kindle form. Angel is very pleased to be a part of this collaboration of writers.
09/20/2010 18:04

Consequences Short Story Anthology Published

The Consequences Short Story Anthology, which features stories from Angel Sharum, Laurie Darroch-Meekis, Lucinda Gunnin, Amy Browne and Steven Thor Gunnin, is now available.
12/28/2009 18:01

Accepted for Publication on Outshine

Angel has a prose piece scheduled for publication on March 10 with Outshine-a twitter zine.
08/16/2009 17:52

Published on the Every Day Fiction Website

Angel's story, Saying Goodbye, was published on the Every Day Fiction website.
06/22/2009 16:28

Published on the Every Day Poets Website

Angel’s poem, Tranquil Twilight, was published on the Every Day Poets website.

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