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Roses and Thorns Anthology

Angel is very pleased to have a short story and some flash pieces in the 4th Circle 8 Writhers anthology, which is now available on Amazon.com.

Dark Christmas Anthology

Angel is pleased to announce the third Circle 8 Writers anthology, Dark Christmas, in which she has a short story and works of flash fiction published.

Crime and Punishment Anthology

Angel is pleased to announce the release of the second Circle 8 Writers anthology, Consequences: Crime and Punishment.

Consequences Short Story Anthology

Angel is pleased to announce the release of Consequences, a short story anthology that features her stories along with stories from Lucinda Gunnin, Steven Thor Gunnin, Laurie Darroch-Meekis and Amy Browne. The book will be available through Amazon.com in print and Ebook form and through...

Mothers and Other Strangers Anthology

Angel is happy to say the next Circle 8 Writers anthology, Mothers and Other Strangers, is available on Amazon.com. Whether you want to read about love between family members or twisted tales of passion, this is the book for you!

Angel's Lulu Storefront

  Click here to visit Angel's Lulu Storefront. There are poetry works, children’s activity books, and photographs available.

Angel's Short Stories and Poetry

    Angel's Storyboard/  Angel's Short Fiction Blog/  Every Day Poets: Tranquil Twilight Poem    


The latest Circle 8 Writers short story anthology, Apocryphilia is now available.

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